Pi-Star 3.4.2 to 3.4.3 update requirement

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How to update from Pi-Star 3.4.2 -> 3.4.3

Please ONLY follow this guide if you are running Pi-Star 3.4.2. The below instructions *MAY* work on 3.4.1, but I do not guarantee that this is a supported upgrade. Once you have upgraded to 3.4.3, the ONLY thing required for future upgrades is to run "sudo pistar-update" and once that completes, run "sudo pistar-upgrade".

Login to your Pi-Star over SSH Run the following commands (these depend on the Hardware you are running Pi-Star on, getting this wrong will impact future upgrades!

Please make sure that you ONLY run the below commands ONCE

Raspberry Pi Hardware: Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+, Pi2, Pi3, Pi Zero, Pi Zero W

 sudo sh -c 'echo "Hardware = RPi" >> /etc/pistar-release'
 sudo pistar-update
 sudo pistar-upgrade

FriendlyArm Nano Pi Neo / Nano Pi Neo Air

 sudo sh -c 'echo "Hardware = NanoPi" >> /etc/pistar-release'
 sudo pistar-update
 sudo pistar-upgrade

HardKernel Odroid XU3/XU4

 sudo sh -c 'echo "Hardware = OdroidXU4" >> /etc/pistar-release'
 sudo pistar-update
 sudo pistar-upgrade

For ALL hardware, please ensure that your /etc/pistar-release file is sane, it should look something like this:

 Pi-Star_Build_Date = 20-Jul-2017
 Version = 3.4.3
 ircddbgateway =	20151116
 dstarrepeater = 20151012
 MMDVMHost = 20170803_Pi-Star
 kernel = 4.9.35+
 Hardware = RPi

Remember the Hardware line should reflect your changes above, and there should be only ONE Hardware line in the file!