Pi-Star Brandmeister Hotspot Security

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BrandMeister Hotspot Security

BrandMeister have available the option to use Hotspot Security, this is a method to use a custom password for your connection to BrandMeister, to ensure that nobody else can connect a hotspot to BrandMeister using your hotspot (or repeater) ID.

Step 1 - Configure your BrandMeister Hotspot Password:

Click your callsign at the top right

Click "SelfCare"

BM HotspotSecurity-1.png

Turn on "Hotspot Security" and define a password

BM HotspotSecurity-2.png

Click "save"

BM HotspotSecurity-3.png

Step 2 - Configure Pi-Star with your Hotspot Security Password:

Head to the configuration page on Pi-Star, assuming your hotspot is accessible by http://pi-star.local the below link should take you straight there...


In the DMR section, you will now find the HotSpot Security field, if you are using DMRGateway this will be shown as "BM Hotspot Security" as in the image below:

BM HotspotSecurity-4.png

Set your password (the same one you used in the BrandMeister Selfcare page) and press apply...

BM HotspotSecurity-5.png

You are all set, using Hotspot Security, please note that if this field is empty, you will revert to using the default password from the DMR Host file provided with Pi-Star updates.