PI-Star integration with BrandMeister API

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BrandMeister API Integration

Pi-Star has had some basic integration with the BrandMeister API for some time, allowing information about your repeater or hotspot

to be read from the BrandMeister network, however all of this information was only available as read-only;

Until now that is...

Step 1 - Obtain your BrandMeister API Key: Login to the BrandMeister dashboard at: https://brandmeister.network [1]

Click your callsign at the top right

BM API Callsign.png

Click the "Profile Settings" option.

On the new page, click the "API Keys"

BM API Keys1.png

Now on the API Keys page, click the "Add" button on the right hand side.

BM API Keys2.png

You will be prompted to give this key a name, for this example I call it "Pi-Star"

BM API Keys3.png

Now you will be presented with your API key, you will want to select all of the text in the text area at the top, and copy that

(right click, copy) for use on the Pi-Star dashboard in the next step.

BM API Keys4.png

Once you have the text copied, press the OK button.

Step 2 - Add your key to PI-Star

Navigate to your Pi-Star Dashboard, from the Configuration page you can navigate to "Expert", and from there, you will find a link to "BM API Key" in the Full Editors section. Assuming your hotspot is accessible by http://pi-star.local the below link should take you straight there... http://pi-star.local/admin/expert/fulledit_bmapikey.php [2]

Here we enter the API key we obtained in Step 1.

Paste the key into the box, and apply the changes;

BM API Dash1.png

Thats all there is to it, the next time you use the "Admin" link in Pi-Star, you will now have access to the API features that look like the below:

BM API Dash2.png